I want a movie about a guy who runs for president and wins but then suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be president, so he just starts doing ridiculous things all the time trying to get impeached, but it NEVER WORKS because they always miraculously end up being the right thing to do. Like, he declares war on Canada? Next day it turns out that Canada had secret plans to nuke Washington. he bans Doritos? Turns out theyr’e the number one cause of cancer and natural disasters. He sends his vice president to jail? Turns out the VP was a terrorist in disguise. He has 100% approval rating, most popular president ever.

I’ve decided that I want him to be played by Jeff Goldblum. 





Andrew Lloyd Weber

Andrew Lloyd Weber


A cruel script rewrite of “The Lazarus Experiment” episode of Doctor Who.


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I need my own personal cheerleader

I have an article to write, plus two essays



when you try to push up your glasses but forget you took them off so you just kinda hit your face


having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch 


Mycroft: The Unaired Pilot

In which we discover what Mycroft was doing during the Sherlock pilot, and we finally find out what the bloody hell that email was all about.

(This is the second part of Mycroft: The Series. The first one is here. I’ve already got at least two more planned, god help you all).


[seductively takes off glasses]

wow you’re fucking blurry







I want to change my url to reservoirdogging, because someone needs to use it - but I fear the wrath of curlyboff certain people.

excuse me missy you’re not changing that url you’re url grounded for a year

I will hunt you down if you change it Brazen is2g!


now go to bed and think about what you threatened to do. 

This is exactly what we’d do.

"If you dare changing you’re url then you are banned from Mark Gatiss and Sue Perkins for a fortnight young lady!"

oh god no not the Sue Perkins

that’s a bit harsh, Lottie. Remove her right to roam around in London and just happening to see Mark/Ian/Bunsen all the ruddy time.

goodnight. And I would love to but I’m not as flexible as you are since I’m not living in the UK (sadly) :( anyway sleep well!!!

Ah damn! D: 

Night! <3


According to his agent’s website Mark Gatiss will be playing Stephen Gardiner in the upcoming TV adaptation of Wolf Hall. Gardiner was a bishop and lawyer, Master Secretary to Henry VIII and opponent to Thomas Cromwell, the protagonist of the series.